Blue Sapphire Gemstone
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A Complete Guide To Wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue sapphires are known for their rich colors and rich textures and they are not just a beautiful stone. It is a timeless character that has been demanded by people of all ages and cultures.

These beautiful gemstones mean values ​​such as truth, honesty, passion, knowledge, and wealth, and have a long history of lovely hearts about the world. From its mysterious origins to its divine benefits and its fascinating association with the weird planet Saturn, blue sapphire has left a memorable mark in the area of gemstones.

Origins of Blue Sapphire 

A large portion of sapphire stone is found in Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Thailand. Australia, Brazil, and African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, and Nigeria also mine a lot and Montana mines have proven to be significant them sapphires are made in the US. 

Some areas are well known for producing certain types of sapphires. Sri Lanka for example is supposed to be making the best sapphire so far. Recently, a 1404-carat sapphire known as the Star of Adam was found in a mine in Sri Lanka. It is the largest sapphire ever discovered.

Physical Properties

The mineral corundum is commonly found in metamorphic rocks, pegmatites, and alluvial gemstone gravel deposits. A sapphire crystal is a barrel with two points and pyramids with triangles.

They are exceptionally hard and have a shiny crystal. Hardness is presented as a 9 on the Mohs scale. Also, its internal refractive index ranges from 1.712 to 1.740.

Types Of Blue Sapphire Stone


Blue sapphire gemstones mined from Burma are popular throughout the world for their superior quality and uniform distribution of color. These sapphires have blue and purple colors which make them even more beautiful. In addition, ‘electric blue color’ sapphires are found only in Burma.


The sapphires found in Sri Lanka are superior in both beauty and quality. Their color ranges from light to medium and has an uneven color spread throughout the stone. Also, these sapphires have gray masking resulting in lower saturation levels. However, these factors do not diminish the value of these sapphires. Their unique features and premium quality are appreciated across the world.

Ceylon blue sapphires have minimal dark extinction making them most suitable for use in jewellery. Furthermore, the lighter colors of these blue sapphires are clearer and more dazzling.


Kashmir’s sapphire is world-famous for its looks and shine. They have amazing clarity, minimal gray masking, and less dark colors on the aspects. Even though the mining of these sapphires was stopped in 1938, the sapphires currently in the market are of extremely high quality and great value.


Blue sapphires from Thailand are among the most irregular and of amazing quality. They have over 90% clarity, deep blue color, and excellent cut. The inclusions are so minor that they are not visible to the naked eye.


Australian blue sapphires have a unique appearance and extraordinary colors. This is the only place where green-blue sapphires are found. Furthermore, blue sapphire is so dark blue that it seems black.

How To Check If Blue Sapphire Suits You

There is no scientific way to determine whether blue sapphire is suitable for you, many people believe that it has energetic properties. Here are some things to consider when choosing a blue sapphire:-

  • Birth Chart: According to astrology, wearing Sapphire gemstones can be useful for those people whose birth chart shows the strong influence of Saturn.
  • Personal Preferences: Choose a gemstone that you are attracted to and whose color and energy appeal to you, it may be a good choice for you.
  • Skin Colour: People also believe that Sapphire looks best on fair and medium-skinned people.
  • Intentions: If you are seeking greater focus, mental clarity, and spiritual growth, Blue Sapphire may be a good choice.

Benefits of Wearing Neelam Stone

According to Vedic and Western astrology, if worn correctly, Blue Sapphire is known to bring unattainable benefits to the wearer. From spiritual factors to physical, intellectual, and fabric aspects of lifestyles, there is nothing that the herbal Blue Sapphire gemstone can improve and enhance.

For the benefit of gemstone fans, we have listed all of the brilliant benefits of Sapphire stone that you need to keep in mind earlier than adopting it.

Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire: In Vedic astrology, the herbal Blue Sapphire stone is strongly associated with the effective planet Saturn (Shani) and is thought to bring proper good fortune, prosperity, and fulfillment. It is taken into consideration particularly useful for individuals born beneath the Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac symptoms as these zodiac symptoms harmonize nicely with Blue Sapphire.

Mental and Emotional Balance: Blue Sapphire gemstone is widely believed to enhance mental competencies, readability, cognizance, and awareness of electricity. Furthermore, it’s also believed to promote equanimity, lessen pressure levels, tension, and depression, and provide unwavering emotional stability to the wearer.

Wealth and Career: Many human beings do now not understand that the Blue Sapphire gemstone is closely related to wealth and monetary abundance. If one wears it properly, this sureshot draws limitless possibilities for career advancement, will increase activity possibilities manifold, and enhances your possibilities in commercial enterprise ventures.

Relationships and Marriage: According to Western and Vedic astrology, those who revel in a lack of intimacy and trouble in their relationships ought to put on the Blue Sapphire gemstone. It is believed to decorate concord and love in relationships and take marital bliss to the following degree. It is believed to bolster loyalty, belief, and expertise among partners.


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