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Straighten Up! Your Guide to a Healthy Spine

The spine, also known as the backbone of our body, is a breathtaking anatomy essential for maintaining our posture, allowing us to stand straight, and providing structural support. In addition to providing support, the spine defends the delicate spinal cord, an essential part of our central nervous system.

The spine’s numerous joints and flexibility offer us a great range of motion, which makes it a critical part of our everyday activities. But even tiny spinal problems can affect our posture and day-to-day activities, highlighting the importance of keeping our spines healthy. The goal of Dr. Rajesh Malhotra’s clinic, a doctor for spine in Delhi’s highly advanced medical care, is to take care of each patient’s specific medical requirements.

5 Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy

These are the five most significant methods you can do to help get relief from pain and improve comfort. 

When you’re falling asleep, give your spine sufficient rest. 

Every structure in your spine exerting itself all day can relax and regenerate when you lie down. You require a mattress and pillows that support and comfort your spine to get the most possible from this time.

To strengthen the back muscles and abs, work out your core.

 To support the back and relieve pressure on your lower back, your core muscles, located in your abdomen and lower back, must be flexible and powerful.

Unfortunately, we rarely engage our core muscles enough concerning everyday tasks. Targeted and specific exercises are necessary to strengthen these muscles. To find out which exercises might be right for you, speak to your doctor, physical therapist, or other healthcare provider. At Dr Rajesh Malhotra clinic, under the consultation of Dr Rajesh Malhotra, a doctor for the spine in Delhi, you’ll experience the best medical treatment and medications under proper guidance.  

Your spine needs to be backed up by your shoes. 

The sneakers you wear significantly impact how well your lower back is supported, whether walking for fitness or just to get to a specific location. Proper footwear offers a stable foundation that keeps the body and spine in position. For instance, check that the shoe’s rear heel fit area is just the right amount of snug without being too tight.

Overpronation, supination, or excessive foot rolling within or outward is avoided with an adequate fit. In addition, if you require further balance or support, consider using shoe shoes or insertions.

Enjoy the benefits of getting a massage. 

The many medicinal benefits of a good back massage include enhanced blood flow, relaxed connective tissues and tense muscles, and increased feelings of relaxation. While an intense massage is not necessary to be calming, some evidence indicates that a moderate-level massage relieves more stress than a light-touch massage.

Having a chair for massages in your home can be an easy and quick way to reap some of the benefits of a Swedish or shiatsu therapy massage, though it’s not the same as going to a massage therapist.

Limit the time you sit down and use proper ergonomics. 

Long periods of sitting can cause or worsen a painful spinal condition because your lower spine’s discs are loaded more when you sit than when you stand. Furthermore, our propensity to slouch and lean forward when using a computer screen or sitting at a desk puts additional strain on our lumbar discs. Your natural back curves may be maintained in several ways, including choosing the correct chair for the job and maintaining a proper seated position.

5 Foods to Eat to Keep Your Spine Healthy 

A healthy spine demands a nutrient-rich diet to maintain strength and posture. While we may be conscious of the foods that are good for our bodies, are you conscious of the foods that strengthen your spine? Thus, what follows is a list of foods that support your spine:

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • FruitsĀ 
  • Dairy products
  • Avocado
  • Rich Plants for Protein
  • Fish

Why Choose Dr. Rajesh Malhotra? 

Dr. Rajesh Malhotra is the top orthopedic medical professional and doctor for the spine in Delhi. Advanced technology machinery used for joint replacement surgeries is available in his clinic. He is the most skilled  ortho surgeon in Delhi and a well-respected physician globally for his surgical skills. He has won many awards and achievements.


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