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Three Key Advantages of Private Transportation

Many websites have presented some benefits of private transportation services, and in this article, we are going to talk specifically about three key advantages of using private transportation.

Before entering into the advantages, we want to highlight safety, for example, a private transportation service guarantees units with constant maintenance and in perfect condition.

For example, at Jabal Transportation, our vehicles have the right brake pads for your safety. Keep in mind that these advantages are for all types of users and occasions, such as:

  • Individuals who wish to transfer to airports
  • Companies that need to send employees to other locations
  • Businessmen who need to travel by land to other destinations
  • Families who want to travel to other cities
  • People who must arrive for a business appointment in another location
  • Groups that go to conferences

The above, among others, represent users who could benefit from the services of private transportation and the different levels of service that private transportation companies offer.

That is why at Jabal Transportation, we have configured different types of private transportation services, such as limo service san diego, and chauffeur service, for all types of users, institutions, entities, organizations, companies and more.

We have business routes, with a great diversity of vehicles in our fleet, with models cars with different capacities and functionalities to provide the most convenient comforts in the context of the trip that will be made.

With Jabal Transportation you have a variety of vehicles to choose from which let’s move on to the advantages of private transportation that you definitely need to take into account when scheduling your next business or private trip or transfer.

Advantage #1: Speed and Safety

Speed ​​translates into saving time and energy. That is why it represents one of the best advantages of private transportation: it guarantees timely arrival at the destination.

In urban transport, there is no way to predict traffic jams or traffic jams that may occur on the road. But you probably think that with private transportation you are also exposed to such traffic jams.

However, we have tools that allow us to anticipate all types of eventualities. You can contact us and take a look at our metrics, traceability and customer satisfaction regarding the services we provide. So, if you want speed and safety, you need private transportation. The experience of private transportation companies allows them to accumulate data that we use in favour of their clients and allies.

Advantage #2: On-Time Arrival

This is an advantage that public transport cannot offer, it is true that you could find express fleets, for example, with WiFi, and that provides a certain level of comfort, however, for a safe and comfortable journey, you completely need more.

Private transportation companies are passionate about journeys, transfers, and offering their clients an effective service in every sense of the word. Likewise, we are passionate about technology, so we have merged these two passions to provide a unique service in the private transportation market.

This is how we have a unique, original application that provides benefits for the users of our transport, with which they can even monitor the performance of the transfer in real-time. We put technology in your favour and guarantee a high-level service, so contact us to learn more about our services and enjoy them on your next trip.

In addition, we also provide metrics options for companies and individuals, with the aim of guaranteeing comfort. Enjoy the fusion of good service with technology.

Advantage #3: No Hidden Costs Associated

Another advantage of private transportation is that there will be no surcharge for additional services, and the quoted rate will be the one you pay. As a private transportation company that wants to be an ally of companies and individuals, we guarantee our budgets. There are no additional payments, because we include in our quote all the items that are considered part of your request.

This allows you to program your budget very well, on time, and with greater clarity. On public transport, you will have to bear additional costs if you want to prevent a longer delay and decide to take a taxi at a certain point to avoid traffic and deviate from the pre-established route for the public system vehicle.

The same if, for some possible occurrence, the transport must stop or reach a different destination. That is to say, although it is thought to represent an economic option, in the event of unforeseen events, the investment can increase. Added to that is that you don’t have the extra comfort traditionally offered by public transportation.


While using the private transportation service, you have the advantage that all types of eventualities and expenses are foreseen. And the transport company covers those expenses caused by the service itself. That is why you need to consider private transportation and the chauffeur service with all its advantages. 


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